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What Is The Global Marketing 2010 Blog About?

by on June 13, 2010

Last year I had the chance to teach the course I used to dream of teaching. It was a 10 week journey into marketing across 7 different countries, taking Masters level communications students at Georgetown University from South Africa to Russia to Sweden to India.  Rounding out the experience was a week-long trip for the entire class to London where we worked with 5 real companies to help develop social media strategy.

Starting this week, I’m thrilled that Part II of this class will be kicking off and once again the class will be collaborating to contribute to a group blog where they share their insights on marketing, social media and the cultural landscape in six new countries (not including London).

This year, we have an equally diverse range of countries that we will be announcing, starting close to home with the US market and moving rapidly to a country that has the attention of the world focused on it right now … South Africa. Over the following 10 weeks, there will be nearly 20 posts every week from students in the class and hopefully another great conversation raised about marketing and global communications across the world on the pages of this blog.

I invite you to read their posts, share your comments and your insights. If last year was any measure, it’s going to be a conversation worth joining!


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