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Bravo Knows Their Fans Thanks to Social Media

by on June 19, 2010

Who doesn’t love a good reality TV show? When it comes to docudrama, programming, Bravo network reigns supreme. Successfully turning out household names from some of the most entertaining “everyday” people in the world. But the channel doesn’t stop there, Bravo has effectively utilized Social Media tools to connect fans of shows like “Top Chef” and “The Real Housewives” franchise to one another and to the stars of the shows.  Interactive TV Today (itvt) reported the social media ventures the network planned to implement this past January.

So this is how it works, Bravo has teamed up with Foursquare to engage fans with  interactive games as well as opportunities to connect. They get to become part of the show, so to speak. Fans can view the location of their favorite reality star including restaurants, fashion stores and earn badges for prices when you follow Bravo on Foursquare and actually visit the locations they recommend.

I think Bravo is one of the few television stations effectively utilizing social media and not in an arbitrary way. What I mean by that is, they are not just haphazardly rolling out a Facebook page and posting Twitter feeds, but dynamically connecting fans with their favorite reality star and real city locations.

To me it reveals that Bravo understands the true meaning of what social media is all about – inclusive participation and active engagement.  This has allowed the network  to create so many successful shows and promote itself in the social media space. with a built in fan base and an almost cult like following, Bravo is not marketing these shows to you but making fans apart of the programming.

Social Media + Bravo reality shows…Like I said, Bravo reigns supreme.


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  1. The choice of Bravo for this post is an interesting one as they are certainly using social media actively to promote their shows and drive engagement. Your main argument in the post seems to focus on how you feel Bravo is using social media more strategically than other TV stations that may be rolling out Facebook or Twitter pages more “haphazardly” as you note. While this may be true, we need a bit more detail to prove this point. For example, if you look at well known examples of shows like Mad Men or even Lost, they actively use social media. Are you focusing on a network entirely and noting that this level of integration doesn’t exist at NBC or AMC? If so, we need more details. Alternatively, if you want to focus on some key lessons that these networks might take from Bravo, you need to dig a bit deeper to share why you feel Bravo is being strategic with social media. (3)

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