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Tea with the Flavor of Justice

by on July 14, 2010

If you want to use social media in India, I would recommend to look at and learn from the Tata Group. They have been in the market for 140 years operating different kinds of businesses, for example, beverages, energy, software services, car related materials, etc.

Even thought the Tata Group is an old business in India they are still innovative and have a great performance in terms of using social media to connect with its costumers in India.

Tata group has several businesses that are successfully using social media. Specifically, I would like to emphasize Tata Tea. I personally found it amazing how they can brand a beverage and at the same time fight against corruption in India. Have a cup of tea and help your country battle corruption. Can you feel any better?

It`s incredible how Tata Tea is associating “justice” and “being honest” with its image. This is perfect for the brand because the consumers can have positive thoughts when consuming a product that has a positive image.

They don`t just limit themselves to a facebook and twitter page, and a blog; they go beyond those social media tools because they know how to use their crowd. They understand the needs of their costumers and they aim to satisfy those needs. They know how to give something that will make their costumers feel better. They know how to invet in and engage with their crowd. They give their crowd enough incentive to keep them coming back and to spread the word.

One of the Tata Tea initiatives was to partner with Janaagraha, a nonprofit organization that dedicates it`s time to help the countries and cities in India. With this partnership the  “Jaago Re” campaign was created. The idea of the campaign is to awaken the Indian society and take responsibility for society’s problems. They incentive Indian citizens to vote by using social media.

Through their social media and advertising campaign, when you think of Tata Tea you think of much more than just drinking a cup of tea. You think of how you can make the world better by fighting against injustice and corruption and trying to construct a better world to be lived in.

When I’m drinking a cup of tea I usually have good sensations. So as a customer I imagine what I would feel if I drink Tata Tea– those positive sensations would only increase. Because I would know that the tea I’m drinking which gives me a good sensation is also contributing to the world I live in.

Drinking their tea doesn`t only satisfy the individual but helps others.

Taste the Justice!


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  1. I loved this example of a campaign and agree this is a great positioning for a brand to take. The videos that you shared were very well done and offer a powerful message that likely resonates with Tata Tea’s target audience of youth very well. You mention initially in your post that this is one of “several businesses” from the Tata group that are successfully using social media, and later you talk of how “They don`t just limit themselves to a facebook and twitter page, and a blog; they go beyond those social media tools.” Be careful about overstating the point that you want to make in your post. If you mention that this is just one of many campaigns that are being done by the Tata Group, then you need to offer some other examples to prove that point. When you mention their Facebook and Twitter presences, those need links so the reader can see them for themselves, and when you say they go beyond those pages to use social media – you need to share how they are going beyond using those pages. The videos offer some context to this point, but you need to bring it into your post so that point is clear. The point about overpromising in your post is that you put more pressure on yourself to prove every point you make. Instead, if you just note that this is an interesting effort from Tata Tea, and that they are effectively using the online medium through having Facebook and Twitter, as well as their website and video ads – then you don’t really need that extra context and your point comes through loud and clear. (4)

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