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Do you GupShup?

by on July 17, 2010

As a trained marketer, I appreciate and understand the importance of reaching a customer/ consumer where they are when they consume media.  This fact is true, regardless of nationality. It is also an important factor of this new marketing climate where the customers/ consumers can place shift, decide which ads they want to see, read, etc. The new technology in India that is taking advantage of that notion is called GupShup.

GupShup, which means chit chat in Hindi, is an SMS mobile marketing platform that allows companies, Bollywood stars, Cricket players, and everyday people to connect with others via text message. Communications can also occur via the the GupShup Web site.

What’s so great about GupShup?

  1. It allows people to use a technology they already use to communicate
  2. Consumers/ customers are able to connect with brands and stars, thus building relationships
  3. Via deeper relationships, companies can increase sales in the long run
  4. Deeper relationships also increase likelihood that consumers/ customers will be brand ambassadors via Word-of-Mouth promotion

There are currently 617 million mobile phone subscribers in India which is half of India’s population. While it would be a tough feat to reach this entire audience, using GupShup to create an online/ mobile community would help companies connect with their target audience better. There are several companies and Bollywood stars that have already created a community, including Ponds Skin Care, Pepsi, Indian Idol, and Panchi Bora, a Bollywood actress.

Click here to learn how GupShup works.

While there is no public data regarding the success of a company’s ROI, companies can get a report to track user behavior and community metrics, enabling the community manager to react quickly to consumer/ customer opportunities as soon as they are uncovered.  It is difficult to measure the results of a marketing tool like this; however, building relationships are crucial to a company’s overall success.

Why should a company choice this option over Orkut, Facebook, or Twitter?  The reason is because there are only 51.7 million Internet users in India compared with 617 million mobile users. GupShup’s 30 million users are directly speaking with a brand, company, or star when they interact with a specific community. It also provides companies, brands, and stars instant interactivity with their customers and/ or fans, whereas with Orkut, Facebook, and twitter, you may have to wait until the person logs online to connect with them.

So how does all this tie in with a company trying to reach their target audience in India? Companies can reach their target audience easily by creating a community with GupShup, thus building one-on-one relationships with customers. This specific tool is good because half of the Indian population has a mobile phone; users have to opt-in in order to use the system, so only the people that join your community want to be there; your efforts have the opportunity to go viral; you can build brand loyalty, which is important to all marketers because brand loyalist, majority of the time, will use your product over the competition’s. As stated in Bloomberg Businessweek, mobile marketing ensures advertisers that their ads are seen by their target audience.

So why not GupShup?


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One Comment
  1. You lay out a good summary of what GupShup offers for corporations and why statistically it might make sense for companies to do. What felt missing from this post was a discussion of how a brand might use the tool or which brands might be ideal candidates for using it. As it was, this week’s post felt like the first half of a post where you laid out the potential for a tool, but it was missing the part where you actually went to the next level to talk in more specifics about how this would work for a real company as many of your classmates did this week. If there is a great opportunity for brands to use this tool, as you note in your post, how might they do it? This additional level of information is what would take this from the beginning of a great post to delivering on what you set up initially. (3)

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