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All Aboard!! Destination Everywhere.

by on July 18, 2010

Anyone who has read anything on India lately knows the country is in an economic upturn.

India could accelerate its real GDP growth over the next 30 years to around 9.5 percent a year and go from poverty to affluence in one generation.

The fact that, in 30 years, India per capita incomes could soar to an average $23,400, nearly three times the $8,500 today, means tremendous opportunity for product and service industries.

The travel industry (Indian nationals traveling abroad) has grown 31% from 1991 to present and will continue to rise with India’s economic prosperity.

In 2003, only 2% of travelers booked online.  Now, 51% of Indians book their travel online.

Now, more than ever, is a perfect time for travel companies to connect with Indians.

India’s largest and leading two portals for travel booking are Cleartrip & Makemytrip.  Both are engaged on the social media front, however, in my opinion, one is Clearly the front-runner.



  • Twitter – 491 Followers
  • Facebook – @700 Fans on two different pages, but several negative posts

While there are some negative comments on Cleartip’s page, the difference is a response from Cleartrip to make amends.

Although numbers are a telling tale, they do not tell the whole story.  As far as overall social media presence, the biggest difference I saw between the two companies was their blogs.

Cleartrip’s blog talks with a very natural, often funny voice.  They engage their customers and resolve issues.  Makemytrip blog is corporate throw up with no conversation to speak of.


While there is a lot of work that needs to be done on the side of Makemytrip, I really want to focus on Cleartrip.  Something they could do better is to follow more of their fans.  Although they have 2281 followers, they only follow 23.  Many of their fans tweet about their travel experiences.  This could be a useful information for Cleartrip to reach that follower with exclusive offers.

As more Indians gather wealth, the more they will travel.  They will ask those they trust, friends and family, about trips to take and how and who to book with.  Cleartrip has taken the right step towards building long-term relationships and building loyalty with their travelers.  This will no doubt pay off for them in the future.


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  1. Interesting topic…mine was relatively similar, as it focuses on Air India…I like the Facebook visual you included.

  2. Good setup in this post of talking about the economic opportunity in India and relating it to the growth in travel for India. Your choice of format to focus on two different sites in India and how they are using social media was also a good choice. Where you needed to add a bit more justification was around why you selected these two sites. You note that they are the two leading sites, but there is no link reference to show where you found evidence of this. What about Yatra or Zuji/Travelocity India? They may not be as large as the two you focus on, but it is not clear from your post if you looked at them or others. When you do a comparison based on size, you need to make sure to justify this. Assuming the two you selected are the largest, the post makes sense in how you dig into their differences, but the recommendations for what ClearTrip should do to be better with social media are somewhat light. The idea you have for ClearTrip seems right and a good recommendation, but that is relatively minimal in the span of things that they could do. Based on your analysis, what else would you suggest that they could do? That additional detail would be the best thing to complete this post. (4 – 1 for late post = 3)

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