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I am the CEO–Can I Help You?

by on July 31, 2010

Two big reason companies should be involved in social media are customer service and brand personalization. Many people take to social media to voice complaints about a company’s product or service. It is important for companies to not only monitor these complaints but to respond to them before they go viral. And, the best way to do that is via the same medium by which the complaints are aired and the most effective responder is the company’s top leader—the CEO. Plus, having  a higher-up like a CEO interact with customers puts a personal touch on the brand’s image. Jordanian business leaders seem to agree with this.

They are interacting with customers on a personal level. They are responding to customer complaints and tweeting about their daily lives, which serves to humanize their brands. Two great examples of Jordanian CEOs who are engaging in social media in a highly effective way are Fadi Ghandour, the CEO of a delivery company called Aramex and Majd Shweikeh, the CEO of Orange Mobile.

First, let’s look at Mr. Ghandour. Ghandour uses Twitter to talk about sustainability, entrepreneurship and what’s going on with his company. The fact that he has established a voice for himself and speaks about issues [such as sustainability] that he cares about serves to humanize him and offering advice about entrepreneurship shows his personality in a favorable light—it shows that he gives back. And, when an Aramex customer took to Twitter to complain about the company’s customer service…Ghandour responded and took care of the issue personally.

Now, Ms. Sheikeh is another great example of a CEO using social media. Sheikeh tweets about her personal and work life. As CEO of a high-profile company like Orange Mobile, it is fascinating that she shares aspects of her daily life with the world and this does work to her [and her company’s]advantage because it humanizes her. And, like Ghandour, she too directly responds to complaints on social media. Check out this Twitter exchange:

So, what’s the lesson here? Other companies should follow Ghandour and Shweikeh’s example and use social media as a platform that brings their CEOs and higher-ups together with their customer base. This is a great way for customers to feel valued and important to companies and this will ultimately serve to strengthen their loyalty to the company.


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  1. I covered Fadi Ghandour on my blog post as well. I think he definitely is a great inspiration for all CEOs out there and how to fully utilize the power of social media.

  2. Good research to not only identify one CEO using Twitter in this way but to find a second. Your point about the potential power of having someone at the top level of an organization using Twitter in this way was a good one and by having two examples to point to, you did a good job of showing how this could be possible for very different organizations in the region. I particularly liked the way that you shared a specific exchange with the CEO of Orange Mobile and how she had an interaction with someone on Twitter (though I do wish you put a link in where you mention that Ghandour responded personally to a customer issue on Twitter as that would also have been a nice exchange to read. Overall, a good post and conclusion this week. (5)

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