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Online Gaming in Jordan

by on July 31, 2010

According to an article published by The National newspaper, Jordan has emerged as the leader in creating Arab gaming content. The big gaming consoles, such as PlayStation and Xbox, do not have games in Arabic; therefore, they do not translate to Middle Eastern countries. Because of this need for gaming in the Arab world, five companies have been created in the past couple of years.

One of the five major Arab game producers is Wizards Productions, whose games are played via mobile phones and online via the computer. Wizards Productions is an international gaming company founded in 2008, headquartered in Jordan. Thus far, they have created nine games and have five more in production. They have more than 300,000 registered users with more than 1,000 new users per day generating more than 40 million page views per month. According to the article, the global gaming market is expected to grow 60 percent by 2014 and similar growth is expected in the Middle East.

Wizards Productions states “Everyone has a game, everyone is a client”, in their mission statement…so why aren’t they using social media to drive their message?

They only have 26 Facebook fans and 68 twitter followers; however, they have a branded Web site where gamers can go online and play games. On the Facebook page, they posted a few pictures of their office and some game headers, and have three wall posts. They use twitter to announce games and new employees, but the posts we not made on a consistent basis and posts ended up being posted three consecutive times.

I understand that they are a young company, but their branded Web site is in complete contrast with their social media efforts. They have 300,000 registered users, over 1,000 new users per day, which constitutes over 40 million page views per month. So they have the audience, they just need to engage them via social media. They can use Facebook and twitter to interact with their audience, by posting pictures from recent events they have, pictures of them creating games, tweeting/ status updates about recent happenings, asking game trivia, posing articles, etc. The possibilities are endless as to how they can use social media to engage their audience.

In addition to their gaming and Web site stats, there are 954,580 facebook users in Jordan and over 1.5 million overall internet users (I was unable to find twitter statistics). These statistics tie in with their “Everyone has a game, everyone is a client” statement in their mission statement. If they really believe this, then there is an opportunity to reach an untapped audience that is on the internet, but is not familiar with their company and they can engage them through social media efforts. With over 950,000 facebook users, they should not have a problem growing their Facebook fans to 30,000, a third of their registered users. And with over 1.5 million people on the internet, they should be able to grow their twitter followers in the same regard. Wizards Productions is a good example of how a company should NOT use social media; none of the other major gaming companies are using social media correctly either.

Wizards Productions and the other Arab gaming companies need to follow Sony PlayStation’s lead in using social media to spread their message. They are using Facebook and twitter to post pictures from events, posting information about new games, news articles, retweeting information, and directing comments at specific followers. They have over 370,000 twitter followers and over 1.9 million Facebook fans that they interact with on a consistent basis. There’s no reason why Wizards Productions is not building their list and interacting with their fan base via social media. If they follow Sony’s lead, then they can position themselves as the top Arab gaming company in Jordan and the Middle East, via the social media efforts, which can translate into increased awareness, which can translate into more online game users, which translates into more revenue since users have to pay to play the games.

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  1. Great post this week. You found a unique topic and some great supporting information that gave you plenty of fuel for a strong post. By giving yourself a lot of room to work, you could make your point clearly that online gaming is growing, the leading company has a big missed opportunity with social media, a competitor is using it well already, and they could be as well. This post was a strongly chosen topic, good point of view and clearly articulated it in a way that the reader could digest and understand. Nice work. (5)

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