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Well prepared for 2012

by on August 10, 2010

Even though the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games are not happening until 2012 London is far ahead and well prepared to engage and reach its audience by using social media.

I was impressed when checking their London2012 website because they are working hard on getting the public involved with the Olympic and Paralympic games.

Here is a list of what I like the most about this whole social media campaign and other features of their online publicity and resources:

  • Get involved now: People interested in the Olympic and Paralympics do not need to wait until 2012 to be part of these events. Through the website they can learn how to get involved and volunteer for the events. For example, they are looking for “Games Maker” volunteers and if a person is interested it is possible to apply for this position right away.
  • London 2012 Open Weekend: This happened in July (23-25) of this year. Across the UK more that 975 events were hosted including dance, sports, arts and more and during the events participants were given a challenge where they could try something new. Even though this event was last month and only lasted for three days, people are still talking about. The buzz is lasting because people now can use a map application to see what happened in different places and they are also encouraged to share their pictures and reactions about the events in the associated Facebook page.

  • Major Projects: There are many activities included in the major projects category but the one I like the most is the film campaign where they are encouraging people to create content for events. The best work will be “screened at venues during the 2012 Games, as well as on giant Live Site screens around the UK, on the London 2012 website, and on a dedicated Film Nation website.”
  • Blog: In this space you can read different blogs that talk about various aspects of the Olympic and Paralympic games.
  • Webcams and virtual tours: In these spaces you can see the “progress taking place at the venues” and take virtual tours of the venues.
  • The games: In this space you can see where the games are taking place and it also gives you detailed information about the history of the Olympics and Paralympics, how the competitions take place, and videos from past Olympics.
  • Visiting in 2012: If you are planning on going to the events this page is a great resource. It gives information about accommodation, getting around, security and more.
  • Tickets: Even thought they are not yet selling tickets for the games you can sign up and received information about the tickets and different promotions that are happening.

I must say that this campaign is already successful because people are already engaging with an event that is happening nearly two years from now.

In addition, this campaign does not only engage and reach a specific audience, they are engaging with a big, diverse group starting from the communities across the UK and extending all over the world.

They are reaching and using many social media tools, for example YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, and they are using those tools effectively because they are creating moments of dialogs and a space where people can not just be informed about events but interact with each other.

They are doing the four steps I consider important in a campaign:

  • Informing the public about the event – what is happening through out the process.
  • Motivating people to get involved with the event through different ways.
  • Creating a social media ecosystem with many complementary platforms where people can talk about the event.
  • Joining the conversation by interacting with their audience

The campaign for the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games is a success. They are doing an amazing job of understanding their market and approaching the different audiences.

Go London 2012!


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  1. I enjoyed the examples and the compilation that you did this week, but what really brought this post to life for me was your concluding points where you broke down the four things that they were doing well. In previous weeks, you may not have gotten to this point so it was nice to see that you did go all the way through on your idea to conclude a good list with some high level thoughts of what this meant and lessons that other groups could take from this. (5)

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