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Dan Pink shares the his new model for workplace productivity

by on August 18, 2010

Dan Pink spoke at last years TED live event in London and revealed what many companies are still not focused on and why they are not as productive as they could be, the reason is essentially the misinformation of how to motivate employees to do good and productive work.

What Dan is able to pull from his science and business comparison is the obvious reality that there is no correlation between what science knows and what business does, what science knows through his candle model example which was created by scientist Karl Dunker in 1945, is that the performance rate of people fell dramatically when they were incentivized by money and other “motivators” to work.  The reality is that the reward system that is currently in place is not effective at all, in fact it is the negater to successful employee work production, However companies still have the same model in place at many companies who believe offering these rewards is what will motivate employees to perform. This is not the case and Dan gives us the new business model that will contribute to effective employee work performance by giving them the following three tools:
1. Autonomy

2. Mastery

3. Purpose

By giving these opportunities to employees you create more of an incentive for people to care and want to do better. He gives the meaning of each and chooses to focus his “case” (as he calls it)  on the first, autonomy, he gives the example of companies that allow their employees to have a level of autonomy in their work schedule and in creativity such as Google who allows employees use 20 percent of their time to be creative and out of this came Gmail and blogger – tools that are highly used now because the company was able to get past a restricted framework for how their employees work.
What Dan stresses is that companies already know this, however they feel restricted to the rule based on an old model of thinking, but the drive to do things because they matter will, “doing this will strengthen business, solve the candle problem and even change the world”


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