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Happiness As A Global Marketing Metric

by on August 18, 2010

At the Ted Event, an American hotelier named Chip Conley spoke about the well-known concept of “Joie de Vivre”. Conley argues that all types of leaders should apply the concept of joie de vivre by prioritizing the intangible thing called happiness over the very tangible thing like the bottom line. I happen to agree with him.

Too often businesses are only primarily focused on the bottom line and in the process of pursuing what’s going to make that bottom line the best, they forget about the happiness of the people whose lives they affect, whether those people be employees, customers, or the general public.Conley recounted the following story:

In 1987, he purchased his first hotel and there was a maid named Vivian already in employment there. Conley notice that she always seemed extremely happy with her lot in life and with her job—she had a certain joie de vivre. He wondered why someone would enjoy cleaning toilets. But, later he found that it wasn’t that Vivian enjoyed cleaning toilets—rather, she enjoyed her role in the lives of the hotel guests…what gave her inspiration and meaning (that joie de vivre)was the fact that she was taking care of people who were far away from home.

Vivian had an emotional connection to her job, to the company. This is the same joie de vivre that companies should aim to inspire within their employees and customers around the world. We are all humans and happiness is an emotion that we all seek. That is the beauty of companies aiming to inspire this intangible feeling, this joie de vivre—happiness is appreciated by everyone no matter what country you are operating in—and will be welcomed by customers and employees alike. Ultimately, this is what will keep them contributing to the bottom line as a customer or an employee.

Start counting happiness today!


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